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[教程] How to install iPhone ringtones with 3uTools





SonneriePortable2022-6-8 17:45

If people still feel that installing ringtones for an iPhone with iTunes is a bit difficult and not within their means, then you can use the 3uTools app. This is another versatile software with a series of interesting features. It even has the ability to transfer data from the iPhone to the iPhone extremely quickly. Let's follow our instructions according to the detailed steps below:

First of all, you need to download your favorite ringtones at ici
Step 1: Connect your phone to a computer that has 3uTools preinstalled.
Step 2: Click on the Make Ringtone section to prepare to go into the steps of setting the ringtones for your iPhone. Step 3: Open up the music that you want to use to install as ringtones for the device you are using.
Step 4: Select the enough music in the song that you want to install as the iPhone ringtones and then click the Generate Ringtone button.
Step 5: After everyone has completed step 4 at the top, the phone's screen will appear to a notification. Here you will have two choices at will:

• If people want to copy the music directly to their smartphone, click Import to iDevice.
• If you just want to save and not transfer the music to your phone, just press the OK button.


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