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[教程] How to install ringtones for your iPhone





Sonnerie Iphone2022-6-14 16:15

Ringtones have become one of the most popular sounds in the world today, with developers creating their own variations of this iconic sound. You're looking to create a party atmosphere or just want to be able to say 'hello' in case your friends aren't at home, we have a tip for you. Installing a song as a ringtones is easy, safe and efficient. What you need to know is that this method is not for everyone. It can be challenging at first, but it doesn't require any special skills or knowledge. All you need is some common sense and some creativity - and we've got both! Make sure you read through all the information below before proceeding.

First you click:  to download the ringtones.
Step 1: You go to Settings and then select Audio & Vibration.
Step 2: Then tap the Ringtones section to select the ringtones.
Step 3: Press add ringtones, then press Select ringtones on the machine, or press the Add button.
Step 4: Now you need to go to the music album on your phone and choose the song you want to install as ringtones.

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