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[討論] Introducing Wrestling Revolution 3D




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BenedictBasi2022-6-21 18:13

WWE is a show wrestling program that is no stranger to lovers of this subject. In it, the gladiators fought each other very fiercely, without following any rules. But the truth is that these matches have been scripted, that is, for performance purposes only. Even so, WWE still gives viewers a sense of suspense, drama, making viewers feel like they are watching a long-running action movie. In this show brings together the world's top boxers such as Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey, etc. With the two main shows of this program, RAW and SmackDown, attract a huge audience around the world and bring the show huge revenue up to nearly one billion USD per year.

Inspired by WWE, MDickie has developed Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK, a dramatic and engaging action fighting game. Do you love the game show WWE on TV? Would you like to once be involved in this? With a completely new version, this game is sure to please those who love sports games especially wrestling.

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