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[分享] Oculus:FB「目前還不能」使用Rift用戶的資料




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白紙黑字上,Oculus表示他的的隱私條款是為了「創造最棒的VR體驗」,過程中透過「收集一些能夠幫助他們改進平台的資訊 - 像是檢查系統穩定性等。」



Users and content developers own all the content and IP they create using Oculus services. We are not taking ownership.  Our terms of service give Oculus a license to user created content so we can enable a full suite of current and future products and services on our platform, like sharing a piece of VR content with a friend. People continue to own the rights to the content and can do whatever they like with it outside of our platform.  This is very clear in our terms:  “Unless otherwise agreed to, we do not claim any ownership rights in or to your user content.”
At this time, there are not many places where people can upload their content to the Oculus platform.  As we add more features, we’re working to understand the best ways to give people more control over how they share content in VR.

We want to create the absolute best VR experience for people, and to do that, we need to understand how our products are being used and we’re thinking about privacy every step of the way.  The Oculus privacy policy was drafted so we could be very clear with the people who use our services about the ways we receive or collect information, and how we may use it.  For example, one thing we may do is use information to improve our services and to make sure everything is working properly — such as checking device stability and addressing technical issues to improve the overall experience.

Lastly,  Facebook owns Oculus and helps run some Oculus services, such as elements of our infrastructure, but we’re not sharing information with Facebook at this time. We don’t have advertising yet and Facebook is not using Oculus data for advertising – though these are things we may consider in the future.

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