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[分享] 逢低買進steam上的遊戲,可觀看歷史價位的chome addon




betavive2018-2-5 23:11

插件裝上後,在steam上的store page就會出現如下訊息,可設定usd, ntd查看目前最低價格: $17.99 在 Steam (歷史新低價格: 在 2018/2/3價格$17.99 於 Steam (資訊)

Enhances the Steam Experience
Enhanced Steam is an Extension for Google Chrome that adds many new features to the Steam website.Features include:* Highlighting games you already own* Highlighting games on your wishlist* Correctly calculating bundle discounts based on games you already own* Showing you how much money you've spent on Steam for the lifetime of your account* Highlighting DLC you own on a game page* Fixing "No Image Available" game icons on your wishlist for any game or DLC** PLEASE NOTE **This extension will not allow you to play Steam games on a Google Chromebook.  This extension only changes and adds features to the Steam website when browsing with Chrome.

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